Scamoji App Reviews

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Love this shiznitt!!!!! Fabulous Caucasianess💕

I like this app alot. I love joanne shes hilarious! But what I don’t like is that I can’t use these amazing Scamoji‘ in Snapchat. 😔 please make an update! I love this app!



Gifs don't work!

I was really excited for this app, but the gifs don't work in my texts. That really puts a damper on my usage.

Super cool

Very funny


Scammed I should have known better. I enjoyed watching the videos so it was only right to purchase the keyboard 🙄 of course it doesn't work after I done gave them full access to my phone! 😡


Currently scamming.... Lets chat later! 👋🏾💁🏾 amazing

I feel a little scammed!

I love the apps features, but it lags a lot for me. Also, nothing gets copied on my clip board. I do love the app aside from those two problems. #BestMoneySpent


I love it, I use it all the time. It's super easy and works great on my iPhone. It's function is similar to Bitmoji, but JoAnne gets my point across better!

I love this app!

I don't buy celeb emoji apps but my phone is FILLED with Joanna the Scammer memes. I love it. A couple of glitches but it can live with them!

Honestly truly

It was perfect at first but now it says copied but it doesn't actually copy. Only way to use it is with the iMessage widget. A few of my Caucasian friends are having the same problem 😢

Honestly truly

Get out of my Caucasian home!! These are truly honestly iconic😍

Best app to scam and get paid quick

THANK YOU JOANNE, this app has helped me to scam all my friends and family. Since this apps release, I have currently scammed my gym teacher, my grandma, my mom, my siblings, and just random people on the street. I have scammed everyone at brunch and I'm traveling all over my neighborhood scamming. Thanks Joanne once again, lets chat later, I'm scamming as we speak.

Wasn't half the scam I expected...

My only disappointment about this app was that it wasn't a SCAM. I expected to pay, download, and have nothing be there. The ULTIMATE SCAM. ❤️

Truly, honestly... ICONIC!

What a great app to disrespect your frenemies, your ex and scam people!

Love it

Love it


Purchased the app with my sugar daddies credit card... stacking my coins, trying to gtf up outta hear & go to Europe. Scam on Joanne 💅🏽

Doesn't work

This is killing me!! The app will not work for me 😢 I have a 7plus I don't understand. It won't work in my iMessage or any other apps. It's pointless. How can I fix this?!


Now I can start scamming.... Make more plz...💋💄

Time to scam

I don't buy crap on iTunes, honestly, truly. But this is a scammers must have, send me your PayPal Infoseek so o can send you twice as much, honestly, truly.

I ❤️all things Joanne!!

Will u all make the app work with kik messenger? That would b lit!!

Belittling my ex has never been so easy

Love it!


So does granting full access allow my data to be recorded? iPhone pop up warning says so, yet within Scamoji it says which is it? It think I need a refund..

Iconic. Honestly, truly.

Now you can finally communicate JUST like a Caucasian and use Scamojis in your iMessage to scam your way into your man's PayPal account so you can do brunch and buy a new fur coat. Let's chat later.

Can't copy and paste

Love love the emojis and gifs but can only send through iMessage. Won't allow me to copy and paste


I've only had the Scamoji app for 5 minutes and I've already scammed my way into $10,000! This is all me, honestly, honestly! Now to scam my way into this hotel using my ex's credit card.😎😎😎

I feel scammed

My fellow sscamers! Honestly, truly I was going to give this app 5 stars, little did I know that the Scamojis wouldn't work right on Snapchat. How could I, a Caucasian, scam men on SC without these ICONIC Scamojis? Joanne girl, you need to worry about your life and your career, fix pls. Also, where's the machete Scamoji? Don't scam me out of the idea, send my payment through PayPal girl! Let's chat later

Doesn't work on WhatsApp

It really pains me to leave a 2 star review but I tried to click the support button on the web page and it doesn't work. I LOVE Joanne and the emojis but 90% of my communication is on Whatsapp and the Scamoji keyboard does not work there, only on iMessage. The only way to get it into WhatsApp is to copy and paste because the keyboard doesn't work. Please fix this, it would be a 5 star app if you can.

How can you not get his scammojis!

He just scammed me to buy it *and I'm not mad at it*joans voice 😘😘


This is WELL WORTH buying! It makes texting sooo much better!

Done and Done!

I didn't even hesitate lol


The emojis provided are good quality and the app works fine, but for the same cost as KIMOJI, I expected a higher quantity of emojis. Hope future updates bring more

Other "-moji" apps are over, they're cancelled

At least for me. If you're reaching for an emoji to express yourself, why not use the most ICONIC woman in Hollywood? HONESTLY, TRULY, I know you'll be happy.

Yes, Joanne! Steal my coins

Joanne might actually have me scammed the way I threw my coins for this app... truly, iconic! PS Never felt the urge to buy anyone else's emojis, been waiting for this very app. I'm living for it, honestly...

How can you not?

Honestly, you need to support our girl!!

Yasssssssssss finally!

Love you girl!

Scammer Paradise

I love it. There are gifs, pictures, and emojis. You can use it for any situation, so scam on.

a SCAMMER in training

this app has given me the ability to scam like ive never scammed before. just ran off with some keys to a LUXURIOUS caucasian home. and that's honest. chat later.



Caucasians do it again !

The greatest scam of all time

Little did he know...

Bought the scamoji app using my ex's PayPal account... he still doesn't know I memorized his Netflix password when he typed it in one night.. thought I was too busy s*+^ his d&@@ little did he know it was a grapefruit...

Honestly, Truly.

Get these Caucasian coins honey! This app is iconic... Truly.



Truly. Honestly.



now i'm messy

Iconic !!!

**** Honestly Truly ICONIC !!!! ****

The best, honestly, truly

I've been waiting on this forever! Easy to use. And I love randomly texting my friends These emojis. They say it all


Truly..... I needed this in my life. Done and done. Didn't even look at the price.


FLAWLESS I must say

Thanks Joanne!

I honestly, truly love this! Only will probably use the GIFs and there's plenty. This is truly iconic! Got to go scam now.

Joanne(a) her cousin

I'm shooketh bish! Honestly, truly, a set that communicates for us all our inner scammer.

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